What kind of camera gear do we use? What kind do we RECCOMEND?

We use three cameras. A GoPro Hero 7, Sony Alpha 6500 with a Sony 16-70mm f/4 lens, and a DJI Mavic Air for our aerial content. Without sacrificing image quality, these cameras are all very packable, which is ideal for traveling and adventures. However, we only recently upgraded to these cameras. For many years we just used an old GoPro and our phones. Anymore, phones alone are powerful enough tools to capture, edit and share! We started with what we had, then went from there. Chase Jarvis's popular quote “The Best Camera is the One You Have With You” could not have been more true for us starting out.

How do we edit our videos and how did we learn?

We use Final Cut Pro X. We started on iMovie which is a great place to begin on your phone or computer. If you are just using a phone to edit, iMovie mobile or GoPro Splice are great video editing tools, or use GoPro Quik Stories if you don't want to do the editing yourself! We are completely self taught. We started on the mobile apps and moved to the computer based programs as we learned. If you watch Cody's old videos you will see the learning curve is evident and the videos are always a work in progress, haha. Just have fun with it! If nothing else, you will have great memories to play back and relive your favorite trips and experiences later, which is why we started doing it in the first place.

What has been our favorite place to visit?

This is a hard one. Everywhere is unique. Cody love's Hood River, Oregon for the amount of recreation there is to do in one place. Sarah loved tropical Puerto Rico, but can we say all of them?!

How do we edit our pictures?

We use Adobe Lightroom Mobile for the vast majority of our pictures because you can use the app on your phone and edit pictures on the go!

How do we afford to travel?

For some reason society has began associating travel with being expensive and something you have to drop everything to do. We hope our adventures show that this does not have to be the case. We work full time jobs and when we are traveling we often make our own food, camp, and let the outdoors be our entertainment. Aside from gas money or maybe flights to get somewhere, the expenses of travel don't have to be in excess of how you live everyday. Anyone can do it. Don't be afraid to find adventures close to home either, you'll be surprised what there is to explore and discover right where you live. You can learn more about how we make travel more frequent and affordable here.

Will we travel to promote your product or service?

Yes, we have promoted various products and services on our adventures and through our #AllThingsAdventure social media campaign. If you have an idea or project you would like our help with, contact us. We would love to hear it and work with you.

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