Our Story

Our Story


Hello! We are The Dream Chasing Family; Edward and Sarah Dalton! We are an ordinary family like most, live a simple life, work full time, have a fur child named “Ophir”, love each other (most days), look forward to the weekend, and dream big! 

From a young age, Sarah and I were both raised by passionate parents to love the great outdoors. Our excitement for recreation (and a little divine intervention) led us to meet while rock climbing in 2011- the beginning of our life of adventure together. There have been peaks and valleys along the way, both figuratively and literally. All things considered, we have been very blessed! 

Initially, we started The Dream Chasing Family to create a place, if for no one else but ourselves and future children, to journal our family’s adventures together through life. While it has already served its primary purpose to look back on our many treasured memories, we never quite realized how relatable and relevant our story would be to others. It’s been reassuring to see how much more alike we all are than this seemingly divided world leads on. Despite trivial differences, at the end of the day, we all have dreams we’re chasing!

We hope our stories continue to inspire individuals and families alike to chase their wildest dreams, whatever they are, and live life to the fullest, wherever they are. After all, what are dreams for if they can’t be chased?


Cody & Sarah