Our Story


We are The Dream Chasing Family, Edward and Sarah Dalton! We are an ordinary everyday family like most. We live a simple life, go to work full time, have a dog named "Ophir", love each other (most days), look forward to the weekend and dream big! We love recreating outdoors and journaling our experiences, whether they be close to home in Utah or distant places. We hope our adventures inspire individuals and families alike to chase their wildest dreams, whatever they are, and live life to the fullest, wherever they are. Besides, what are dreams for if they can't be chased?

Join the chase as we share our failure and success stories along the road. We tell our stories through a gallery of immersive media content across all social media platforms. Our multimedia includes engaging videos, pictures, stories and more of our search for #AllThingsAdventure! Check out our adventures to find ideas for your next dream to chase and see the resources we used to make them come true.