Bear Lake 2017

By: Edward Arthur Dalton & The Dream Chasing Family

By now you have probably heard of glamping, yeah? It has become a pretty popular attraction that we have heard a lot about, but never tried. That is, until this Bear Lake trip to catch some of the last warm rays of summer sun before fall.

Have you ever seen a paddle board that big!?|   Edward Arthur Dalton

Have you ever seen a paddle board that big!?|Edward Arthur Dalton

Conestoga Ranch near Bear Lake invited us to come try this glamor camping thing out. How could we say no?! I haven’t been to Bear Lake since I was a young boy scout, and Sarah had never been at all. Not to mention, we both have been wanting to try glamping so we set off for a weekend trip to relax in the “Caribbean of the Rockies”, and relax we did.

Caribbean or Rocky Mountains?|   Sarah Dalton

Caribbean or Rocky Mountains?|Sarah Dalton

Glamping was everything we thought it would be and honestly a little bit more. Remember how fun staying at hotels was as kid? Well, glamping had that same youthful effect on us. There was just a sense of cozy adventure associated with it like we were kids again. Given the option in the future, we will be choosing Glamping over a hotel every time, especially when it's such a beautiful location like the Bear Lake valley.

Bear Lake’s high content of limestone suspended in the water is responsible for its Caribbean-like turquoise blue color, hence it’s “Caribbean of the Rockies” nickname, which is quite appropriate. If you didn’t know better, the sandy beaches on the north shore of the lake could leave you thinking you were at sea level, not six thousand feet above it and landlocked! During the summer months, and even when we visited in September, the water was a surprisingly warm temperature for all kinds of recreation.

We pumped up the paddle board and just enjoyed the good weather. Somehow we forgot to grab a famous Bear Lake raspberry shake, so do not forget that when you go!

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How we did it.


We highly recommend driving because of how big Bear Lake is, you will want a vehicle to see it all.


This trip we “glamped” for the first time at Conestoga Ranch!


The Campfire Grill on site at Conestoga Ranch is in a huge canvas tent, however there are several other options in downtown Garden City. Don't forget to try one of Bear Lake's famous raspberry shakes!

Packing List

  • Bikes

  • Paddle boards

  • Music, audiobooks and/ or movies for the road

  • Hiking shoes

  • Water shoes

  • Hat and glasses

  • Swimsuit


  • Biking

  • Hiking

  • Swimming

  • Shopping

  • Dining

  • Paddle boarding

  • Glamping