Arizona 2019

By: Edward Arthur Dalton & The Dream Chasing Family

Happy 6th anniversary to us! Wow, it does not feel like 6 years already, and celebrating it in Arizona could not have been better... Actually, I take that back. If we could have actually escaped Utah’s winter like we were trying to do, it would have been a little better. Instead, we brought the cold and snow with us! Rumor has it Flat Iron Peak and the Superstition Mountains (love that name) have not seen snow in over a decade! I suppose the silver lining is we were able to be there to see it? I’ll admit, it was bizarre and captivating to see.

The rarely snow-capped Flat Iron Mountain |  Edward Arthur Dalton

The rarely snow-capped Flat Iron MountainEdward Arthur Dalton

Arizona is a beautiful state to visit, which is part of the reason we keep going back to it. It’s close, and easy to get to for us. Until this trip, we also thought it was always warm! However, we weren’t going to let a little weather detour us from having fun and celebrating 6 years married! Besides, if we have learned anything in 6 years, it’s that there are always unexpected storms in life to make the most of.

I heard the following quote recently.

Too Much Sunshine Makes a Desert.
— Arabian Proverb

While there is no doubt Arizona is a desert full of sun, it wouldn’t be the beautiful desert it is, with all its’ diversity, without some storms from time to time, like we experienced during our stay!

This is a good lesson in life. That too much of any one thing can be bad for you, even if it is inherently good. Balance and moderation is key to healthy climates, and lifestyles. The parallel between the two is insightful, and one I try to always remember in the good and bad times. 

As nice as the thought of always living trouble free in the sunshine is, occasional periods of inclement weather are a good thing to welcome and embrace. Simple put, it characters us.

The elusive    Sarah Dalton    spotted in her natural habitat! |  Edward Arthur Dalton

The elusive Sarah Dalton spotted in her natural habitat!Edward Arthur Dalton

So, here is how we made the most of the inclement weather during our short weekend getaway in the desert! 

We searched for some hikes and ended up at the Cholla Trailhead at the base of Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. While easily accessible, this trail’s difficulty is advanced because of its’ steep climbs, rocky terrain, and exposing cliffs. The tradeoff for the muddy trail to the top was the refreshingly cooler air this time of year vs. mid summer’s scorching heat. The summit reward is picturesque 360 degree views of the “ Valley of the Sun”.

Camelback Mountain |  The Dream Chasing Family

Camelback MountainThe Dream Chasing Family

After a hike like that, we were hungry. Some of our favorite spots to eat are Blue Wasabi and Moreno’s Mexican Grill

Last but not least, in a place with so much sun, don’t forget to watch an Arizona Sunset at the end of the day, weather permitting... haha. Check out our last Arizona adventure too, here.

Camelback Mountain Summit overlooking the “ Valley of the Sun”.  |  The Dream Chasing Family

Camelback Mountain Summit overlooking the “ Valley of the Sun”. The Dream Chasing Family

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How we did it.


GoPro. I usually bring a 3-axis gimbal along, but didn’t have room in my luggage because of strict airline baggage restrictions that forced me to rely heavily on the GoPro Hero 7’s new in-camera stabilization, and it did not let me down!


We flew Allegiant Airlines. Not our first choice, but it got us there.


We are lucky enough to have family in Arizona who lets us stay with them.


Blue Wasabi and Moreno’s Mexican Grill filled us up after our awesome hikes.

Packing List

  • Good hiking shoes.

  • Camera for pictures at the top of Camelback Mountain!

  • Light jacket during winter months.


  • Cholla Hiking Trail on Camelback Mountain.

  • Watch an Arizona Sunset.